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High School


Fall POWER Hitting League

Joe Knudsen & Tyler McHolland

It’s that time of year again! Start the season off right by taking part in our Fall Hitting League. Players will compete against other players using a point system based on how and where the ball is hit. Players will be divided by grade. The league will last a total of 5 weeks (4 week regular season and 1 playoff week). Scores will be posted, updated and available on the internet! The champions will each receive a gift card and merchandise  (Value $200)
Goal of Workout: To maximize repetitions in a competitive setting, forcing players to hit line drives and ground balls up the middle of the field (cage). Drills and instruction first 30min competition next 30 min 
Your players bat Velocity will be tested EACH WEEK
  • Maximize your potential by using the hips and hands.
  • "SEPARATION" helps unlock power in the swing 
  • How you hips will deliver the hands
  • Hit to all fields and up your batting average
  • Exit Velo  gains
  • Core Power Training
WHO:   Freshman 
8th - Freshman ----- 6-7 pm Sunday afternoon 
WHEN: Sundays afternoon's
October 24th
October 31st
November 7th 
November 14th 
 (Playoffs and Championship) November 21st
What if a player can’t make it in one week?
If there is a scheduling conflict, we will offer make-up options during the week.
Joe Knudsen, Tyler McHolland & Strike Zone Staff


Location: Strike Zone (Glenview)


Faster Lessons


K Advanced Throwing Program 1



Dates: MON/WED/SAT  MON OCT 11, 2021—SAT DEC 11, 2021


Cost: $750 (includes all dates and all equipment)


Program Instructor: Paul Kosinski (Director of Pitching Instruction at The StrikeZone BSA)


Ages:  13-18u


This is an arm-care, shoulder-care, strength and velocity program utilizing some of the newest training methods and exercises, as well as up-to-date instruction.  The program is for serious high school level players and runs over the course of 8 weeks


While the program is geared towards pitchers, it can be (and has been) used by catchers and other position players to improve their arm health/strength and prepare themselves for the arm demands of a spring through fall baseball season that can be extremely taxing on youth arms.


In addition to mechanical throwing/pitching instruction and development, the program teaches and incorporates pre-throwing (warmup) exercises, scheduled throwing work, and post-throwing (cooldown) exercises.  Over the course of the eight-week program players will be taught arm care techniques and exercises which they can utilize throughout the length of their playing season, and during the eight weeks they will graduate from light throwing/bullpen sessions in the early weeks to aggressive, extended bullpens by the program’s conclusion.


The program runs MON (5-9pm) / WED (5-9pm) /SAT (12-330pm) over the course of the eight weeks.  Each of those days, each participant will have approximately an hour’s worth of work to do.  There will be a 4 hour window each of the days in which the participant can come in and do their work.  On SUN of each week, a Google DOC will be sent out to program participants where they will sign up for an hour slot on each of the three days—the weekly Google DOC allows participants to adjust their time each week to best match their schedule.


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Faster Lessons