The Strike Zone Baseball Academy
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The Strike Zone staff is as solid as it gets. The formula there is simple. Their sole purpose is to teach the game, and right now, they do it better than anybody else.

Steve Rippley, 25 Year Major League Umpire

My son, Chris, first began lessons at the Strike Zone when he was six. Nearly twelve now, he currently receives pitching instruction from Paul Kosinski who has taught him to approach hitters intelligently; the result has been a measurable increase in strike outs. Bill Madlock has instructed him in the finer points of hitting for the past year. He's taught Chris to play within his abilities and use his skills to become a significantly better hitter.

Caren Kraska, Kenilworth

The North Shore is a competitive environment for young baseball players. One of the reasons that competition is so intense is because of the superior skills of players coming out of the Strike Zone's private coaching programs. Our son has been working with Joe Knudsen for four years. Until he began his weekly sessions with Joe, he was a player with some natural talent, a lot of interest and not to much competitive success. Since he has been working with Joe, he has not only made the competitive travel teams but also excelled in his positions. Joe has done much to improve his actual game and skills, but it goes much deeper than that.

I think back fondly on all the useful and small details that Joe feels are necessary to address to make a complete baseball player. It is not every coach who will tell a player exactly how to dress for a try-out. Joe has worked hard to understand our son as a player and a person, and the winning combination of skill enhancement and player development has been invaluable. Private baseball coaching is not an inexpensive undertaking, but it appears to be well worth the investment.

Carla and Jeff Lipe, Winnetka