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Hitting League


Fall Hitting League 

It’s that time of year again! Start the season off right by taking part in our Fall Hitting League. Players will compete against other players using a point system based on how and where the ball is hit. Players will be divided by grade. The league will last a total of 5 weeks (4 week regular season and 1 playoff week). Scores will be posted, updated and available on the internet! The champions will each receive a wooden bat!
Goal of Workout: To maximize repetitions in a competitive setting, forcing players to hit line drives and ground balls up the middle of the field (cage). Drills and instruction first 30min competition next 30 min
WHO: 1st & 2nd / 3rd & 4th grade / 5th & 6th grade / 7th & 8th & Freshman


 1st & 2nd Grade 1-2 pm Sunday nights

 3rd & 4th Grade 2-3 pm. Sunday nights

 5th & 6th Grade 3-4 pm. Sunday nights

 7th & 8th Grade 4-5 pm. Sunday nights

 FRESHMAN      4-5 pm  Sunday nights

 WHEN: Sundays evening’s

 October 20th

 October 27th

 November 3rd

 November 10th 

(Playoffs and Championship) November 17th 


Joe Knudsen, Justin Drexler,  & Strike Zone Staff



Location: Strike Zone (Glenview)


Playoffs and Seeding:

 The player with the higher point total at the end of the regular season will earn the highest seed. The playoff format is a single game elimination bracket, where players are seeded based on their regular season performance, much like a typical baseball tournament. Whoever wins the single game elimination tournament bracket is the hitting league champion.

What if a player can’t make it one week?
If there is a scheduling conflict, we offer several options.
· If one player cannot attend, he can take his score from previous week.
· If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend one week, you can work out a time to hit the week before to count for the absent week